Spectacular Celebrity Presentations

With dramatic sound and lighting effects, the Rhinos Challenge presentation ceremonies are always a highlight of the tour for our teams.

Every team get their moment of glory, when they are invited onto the main stage to meet our special guests and receive their awards. From current superstars, to legends of the game, every player gets to meet a celebrity guest at the Rhinos Challenge presentation.

Kallum Watkins, Carl Ablett, Jamie Jones-Buchanan, Ryan Hall, Jimmy Kienhorst, Josh Jordan-Roberts, Chev Walker, Josh Walters, Brett Ferres, Joel Moon, Danny McGuire, Liam Sutcliffe, Tom Briscoe, Brad Singleton, Rob Burrow, Keith Senior, Stevie Ward, the Rugby AM team and Ronnie the Rhino have all joined us at the Rhinos Challenge!

All children will receive a quality Rhinos Challenge medal as a memento of the Rugby League tour. In addition, the prestigious Rhinos Challenge Man of Steel Awards and the Team Fair Play Awards are presented in each age section.

Our spectacular presentations are the perfect way to close the festival and will be a night to remember for all players and their families.

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Held at Butlins, Skegness with fantastic facilities, great evening entertainment and quality accommodation.